Mengulas Tentang Semua Forum Resmi Museum yang Ada di Eropa
Getting to Know European Museum Forum

Getting to Know European Museum Forum

Forum is a community of people working together to accomplish the dream they always have. One of the forums in Europe that deserves more attention is European Museum Forum. This forum has worked intensively to take care of museums in Europe. Find out more about this forum below:

– What is European Museum Forum?
European Museum Forum of EMF is an organization of museum that operates under the Council of Europe’s auspices. This forum is a non-profit forum that has been registered officially in the UK. This forum has even named as one of the Europe leading organizations. This forumÆs work focus is especially in the development of the public quality of many museums in Europe. This forum has found its primary position after providing its services for 38 years.

This European Museum Forum has organized many activities since it was founded in 1977. One of the activities conducted by this forum is the annual EMYA or the European Museum of the Year Award. This award is granted to special museums that could stand out in public quality and in innovation.

All museums in all of the 47 countries of Europe as well as all of the Council of Europe members are able to take a part in this competition. However, there is one condition that needs fulfilling: those participants should be the ones that are newly opened or the ones that have undergone expansion or modernization in the last two years.

Getting to Know European Museum Forum– The History of European Museum Forum
How did the forum start then? It is all started in 1977 when Kenneth Hudson founded this forum. At that time, Kenneth Hudson had an aim of stimulating the international ideas interchange as well as to create inspiration networks.

Since it was founded, European Museum Forum has handed out its main awards which are EMYA or the European Museum of the Year Award and also the Museum Prize of Council of Europe. These awards apparently become one efficient instrument for highlighting and tracking the changes made in European museums.

Meanwhile, the activities of Forum also include a museum competition to embrace diverse ranges of challenges in the profession of museum as well as in the museum role in changing the society of Europe.

European Museum Forum is such a great medium to boost the quality of museum in Europe. This forum has also developed many great steps to realize that dream which are by granting awards to deserving parties and also holding museum competitions. This forum really deserves appreciation!

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