How Museums in Europe Maintain Their Collections During Coronavirus Outbreak

How Museums in Europe Maintain Their Collections During Coronaviru Outbreak – The collections in the museums are quite hard to maintain because there are certain conditions that should be created to preserve the condition of the collections. The museums should prepare a lot of money each year, but the condition has gotten worse since the coronavirus struck Europe in the early 2020. Let’s see what has changed to maintain the museum collections.
Museum Collection Maintenance
The collection in the museum needs to be maintained regularly and the maintenance fee can be quite high for some time. One of the most costly maintenance is for the paintings because the humidity level in the museums needs to be adjusted based on each painting’s condition.

The museums also need to be cleaned regularly on a daily basis because lots of people from around the world visit the museums. The museums need to be clean so that it won’t affect the conditions of the museum itself as well as the collections.

Museum Maintenance During the Pandemic
Coronavirus affects our daily lives, including the maintenance of museums. The museums that are open during the pandemic should be cleaned more than once a day because again, lots of people visit here and we don’t want the virus to stick to the museum collections and new cases of coronavirus. If you don’t want to catch the virus, you can play the online games from your house.

The condition gets worse because the staff cannot go to the museums regularly so that the museums lose their personnel to maintain the collections. Plus, the maintenance budget for the museums relies on ticket selling and coronavirus happens, not many people come to visit the museums so that they cannot really have the budgets for maintenance.

Museums in Europe Maintain Their Collections During Coronavirus Outbreak

To tackle this problem, the museums need to think about new ideas so that they can get more income. Some of the museums get the additional budget by conducting online exhibitions and raising charity.
The coronavirus makes everything worse for the museums because they lose their income since they need to close down the museums for some time. The museums need to work hard so that they can preserve them during the pandemic.

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