Inside the Discussion and Presentation in the European Museum Forum Conference

You may have seen the event program of European Museum Forum Conference and witnessed that there were quite a lot talks like discussions, and presentation. The talks do sound interesting as they surely bring so much knowledge for the participants. Now, let’s take a closer look to those talks in this conference:

Of all talks in the conference, one of the most interesting ones is discussion. In the last European Museum Forum Conference, the discussion was held on the first day of the conference. What was inside the discussion anyway?

The discussion carried a theme of The Values of the Council of Europe Museum Prize. The discussion on this topic was carried out by a panel of three which were the previous winners of the Council of Europe Prize. In this talk, the panel discussed the meaning of creating a museum that is rooted in humanitarian and social values of democracy, of tolerance, human rights, and of bridging cultures.

Talking in the discussions were Dr. David Fleming from Museum of Liverpool, UK as the CoE prize winner in 2013; Prof. Dr. Husamettin from Beksi Museum Bayburt at Turkey as the CoE prize winner in 2014; and also Jacques Martial from Memorial ACTe, Caribbean Center for the Expression and Memory of African Slave Trade and Slavery, France as the CoE prize winner in 2017.


In addition to discussion, the conference also offered some presentations to the participants. The first presentation was held on the first day of the conference. On this day, the presentation was about the award nominees.

In this presentation, the candidates were asked to present the profile of their museum and also their view on the shared themes. The themes were Museums and Communities, Storytelling in Museums, Museums, Art Galleries and National Identities, City Museums, Interpreting Art and Design, and also Research on Display.

Another presentation was held on the third day of the conference. In this presentation, nominees that had not performed were given a chance to share their view on the shared themes. Besides, the presentation also covered some other themes which were Museums and Politics and Museums and Archaeology.

European Museum Forum Conference was indeed a must-attend annual event in the Europe especially if you are a museum enthusiast. Get yourself inspired and motivated to work in a museum and to dedicate yourself to human society by attending those discussions and presentations of the conference.

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