Mengulas Tentang Semua Forum Resmi Museum yang Ada di Eropa
Taking a Glimpse into the EMF

Taking a Glimpse into the EMF

After the fall of the Iron Curtain and the subsequent end of the Cold War in the 90s, the European Museum Forum (EMF) was pivotal in the development of professional relationships between museums in Eastern Europe and their counterpart in the Western side. Former communist countries joined the Council of Europe in the early 90s and this was one of those moments where the European Museum Forum became exceptionally prominent and intense with its collaboration with the Council of Europe.

The European Museum Forum played a role in the observation and encouragement of new method of approach to European museums from the 2000s going forward. The Forum works with varied kinds of heritage: controversial ones, intercultural ones, and intangible ones.

Today, 41 years after its establishment, the European Museum Forum keeps on developing new approaches in the society in Europe. It describes, interprets, recommends, and advises on the implications of the changes on behalf of the sector of heritage and museum. The European Museum Forum receives supports from the ICOM Endowment Fund. The Forum plays an active role in raising the standard of museums all over Europe.

It monitors changes in the development of museums in Europe, figures out best examples of practice, develops innovation, and seeks to find ways museums can serve their communities as well as European society in general the best way. All activities held by the European Museum Forum adhere to a visitor-oriented museum’s powerful vision.

The European Museum of the Year Award is organized by the European Museum Forum annually in May. Alongside this event, a conference is also held and lasts for three days in support of the Award ceremony. The annual conference is held to promote high-quality standards in all museums and to provide an opportunity for the professionals in the field to exchange information, contacts, knowledge, and experiences.

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