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The Activities of European Museum Forum

The Activities of European Museum Forum

The European Museum Forum has done many things in the development of museums in Europe. The activities done by this forum is also various. The forum’s activities include conference, award giving, and workshop. How are those activities conducted by this forum? Check this out below:

– Conference and Award
One of the annual year agenda of European Museum Forum is conducting a conference and granting award. This conference and award giving are usually held in May. Through this activity, European Museum Forum organizes the ceremony of European Museum of the Year Award or EMYA. This award giving is actually the main activity of the forum’s conference every year.

The conference itself, which is conducted for three days, is intended to support the Ceremony of the Award giving. However, this conference has also its specific objectives. There are promoting high quality standards in the European museums filed to meet a certain European level. Beside, this conference also aims an exchange in knowledge, professional experiences, information, and contacts.

Through this conference also, this forum keeps on promoting the development of European museums, fostering innovation, seeking out examples of the best practices, and investigating particular ways in which European museums could best serve communities as well as the wider society of Europe.

The Activities of European Museum Forum– Workshops
Apart from award giving and conference, European Museum Forum still has another agenda that is considered able to help the forum achieve the goal. The activity is an International workshop. This workshop is intended to bring together all museums professionals who share the same missions and thoughts into a real European setting.

Through this workshop also, European Museum Forum also regularly participates in some programs of Council of Europe and EU. The kinds of programs the forum join involves many fields. The activities could cover scientific research, education activities, and also cultural activities.

With all of the activities above, European Museum Forum always carries a powerful mission about museum. That vision is the one becoming the spirit of all activities done regularly by this forum. That vision is a vision of museum which is visitor oriented.

Through conference, award giving, and workshops, Forum tries to carry out its task as a forum working for the quality of museum in Europe. Those activities above have proven its effects to the development of museums throughout Europe, one of which can be seen through the number of parties that are awarded every year.

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