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The Keynote Speakers and Workshop in European Museum Forum Conference

The Keynote Speakers and Workshop in European Museum Forum Conference

Conference is indeed a great place to learn lots of something new. That’s also what happened in the European Museum Forum Conference. This annual conference has lots of fruitful talks, some of which are keynote speakers and workshop. If you plan to join the conference next year, take a look at what the keynote speakers and workshop look like below:

  • Keynote Speakers
    Of all talks in the European Museum Forum Conference, Keynote Speakers seems to be the long-awaited agenda for the participants. In this talk, the participants get a chance to listen to the presentation from the experts. This talk is the great chance to hone the participants’ knowledge about the field they work in.

The keynote speakers of the latest European Museum Conference was held on the third day. In this keynote speaker, David Anderson was invited to deliver his speech. David Anderson is the former president of the Museums Association, the former Director of Learning of the V&A, London, the Board Member of EMF, and also the Director General of National Museums of Wales.

Looking at the speaker’s track record, it could be seen that the participants could expect an inspiring and enriching talk from him. The keynote speaker was held at 9.00 – 9.45 at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

  • Workshop
    Another interesting agenda of annual European Museum Forum is the workshop. The workshop in the latest European Museum Forum Conference was held on the last day or on the fourth day of the conference. Taking around one and a half hour, the workshops gave the interested participants to learn important information about museum from the winners of the EMF awards.

The workshops were organized in parallel and were facilitated by the In the workshops, the award winners gave participants opportunities to discuss and to learn how to lead museum’s experience. Also, in the workshops, the participants were able to enrich their knowledge about the current challenges in the process of museum renewal.

Taking parts in the workshops were the following museums: POLIN Museum, Warsaw, The War Childhood Museum, Sarajevo, The European Solidarity Center, Gdanak, MEG, Ethnographic Museum, Geneva, and The Silesian Museum, Katowice.

Among the keynote speakers and workshops above, which one sound more interesting for you? Instead of choosing one of the two, you could get both of them. Make sure you get a spot in the next year European Museum Forum Conference!

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