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European Museum Forum Main Awards

European Museum Forum Main Awards

European Museum Forum has been broadly known for its conference and other activities in preserving the quality of museums throughout Europe. This forum has also known for granting many annual awards to those museums carrying out certain missions. Apart from The Kenneth Hudson Award and The SIlleto Prize, there are still awards that are so prestigious. Here they are:

European Museum Forum Main Awards

EMYA (European Museum of the Year Award)
The first main award from European Museum Forum is called the EMYA or The European Museum Award of the Year. Not only is this award main one, it is also the most prestigious and the longest museum award in throughout Europe continent. Furthermore, the giving of this award is also an essential occasion for encouraging innovative approaches among the sectors of museum throughout Europe.

This award is given to museums which are able to demonstrate their excellence of quality and to those who know the best way to attract and thus to satisfy audiences using a special and unique atmosphere. Besides, this award is granted to those museums having imaginative presentation and interpretation, creative approaches to social and education responsibility. This award has been given to many museums. One of the museums in Europe which was granted EMYA was the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Council of Europe Museum Prize
The second main award of European Museum Forum is The Council of Europe Museum Prize. The party that grants this award is the Council of Europe, by the Committee on Culture, Science, Education, and Media of Parliamentary Assembly to be precise. Every year, the Council selects a list of 3 candidates chosen by the Judging Panel of EMYA to be the candidates of the prize.

This award is given to those museums that could promote democracy and human rights respects. Also this award is given to museums that aim to bridge cultures, as well as place the museum’s collections the perspective of Europe. The Council of Europe Museum Prize is very prestigious. This Prize is intended to underline that need of preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Europe as a factor that unites all of the 47 states as the members of the Council of Europe.

Being granted with awards itself is already an honor. It’s even more honorable to be given the prestigious awards from European Museum Forum. We hope that by that award giving, more and more museums in Europe could be better in quality.