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European Museum Forum, Preserving Heritage in Modern Era

European Museum Forum, Preserving Heritage in Modern Era

European Museum Forum, Preserving Heritage in Modern Era – European Museum Forum is an independent and non-profit organization under Council of Europe. This forum was found in United Kingdom (UK) in 1977, and the aim of this forum is to maintain all cultures and heritage all across Europe. In modern era, European Museum Forum (EMF) has a big responsibility to maintain all existing museums in Europe. Under modernization and expansion, EMS has commitments to preserve Heritage in Europe continent.

– Activities and Programs
While several huge institutions like for online gambling games only serves for several years, EMF has decades. EMF that is found in 1977 by Kenneth Hudson maintains to give a fast respond to all issues about Museum and the stuffs. The most important vision of the forum is how to maintain all museums in Europe and make them as a proper place to be visited across the continent. To supervise all museums in Europe, EMF held annual activities and programs every year:

– Non Profit and Independent Forum
EMF is basically non-profit forum with all their independencies but the forum still under supervision of Council of Europe. During the years, they will maintain all museum and check its prominent of each museum.

– Charity for Museums
While maintaining all museums, EMF still have to open charity and get some donations for European Museums. The charity could be held in Europe and sometimes outside Europe. When opening charity for museums, EMF always held annual programs such as International Conference and Charity concert to get donation for all museums around Europe.

The equality of all museums in Europe is also one of EMF’s focus in this year. To proof about it, they will hold some prestigious events on 2020 and hold more than one conference to give equality to all museums in Europe.

– European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA)
As a non-profit and leading Museum Forum in Europe, EMF will hold annual program in 2020. The program and conference is European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA) After 40 years, they keeps promoting the good quality and equality of Museums all around the continent.

There are some requirements and guidelines before registering a museum in this annual conference. All museums that can complete all basic requirements are potentially get an award on this annual conference.

The conference will hold for 3 days on May. In this event also all donators can donate for museums through charity event. As a non-profit forum, EMF still need many supports from all stakeholders so EMF can continue to maintain all European Museum to be prestigious museum and proper to be visited.

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