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European Museum of the Year Award 2018 Winners You Should Know

European Museum of the Year Award 2018 Winners You Should Know

Every year, European Museum Forum holds award giving. The award is given to those parties who have worked and dedicated their time so hard in the advancement of the museums in Europe. In 2018, the conference and the award giving were held in May. Let’s see who finally brought home the European Museum of the Year Award:

European Museum of the Year Award

Design Museum, London, UK
The first winner of European Museum of the Year Award is Design Museum from London, the United Kingdom. This museum was granted with the EMYA trophy, Mother and Child: Egg Form by Henry Moore. Receiving this trophy, the museum has a right to keep it for one full year.

There are some winning factors of this museum. This museum has unique building that is so inspiring. This museum is also socially aware that make is worth awarding exceptional achievement. The museum has what it takes to celebrate and explore the magic of the human creativity, ideas, and also skills that can shape the life of the visitors.

While maintain its identity, the museum was able to strengthen and also renews the public values by reopening new exhibitions apart from organizing various programs and activities. This museum was also able bring memorable and impressive experience to all of its visitors coming from various ages. This museum was surely able to achieve its greatest quality.

War Childhood Museum, Sarajevo, Bosnia and also Herzegovina
The second winner of the European Museum of the Year Award was War Childhood Museum located in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. After considering some aspects and factors, The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe finally decided to grant it 2018 Museum Prize to this museum.

This museum is such powerful example of human-centered, story-driven and also research-led museum that is able to address vital issues of the current time. As the name suggests, the museum focus more on the experiences of children. Having that focus, the museum set a couple of ambitious goals to be an essential platform for the reconciliation and the healing of community as well as to be an effective medium of communication for the resilience of children during the period of war.

Looking at the profile of the winners of European Museum of the Year Award makes us realized that those museums really deserve the award and recognition. Their dedication is indeed worth appreciation as they have made big impact to the society.

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