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Observing the Role the European Museum Forum Plays

Observing the Role the European Museum Forum Plays

The things that the European Museum Forum has observed over the years include quantitative and qualitative changes. Quantitative changes manifest as a rapid growth of the number of museums in Europe. Qualitative changes are presented as the way museums are perceived and operated. The European Museum Forum has always been attentive to those changes and tendencies and trends in the related sector. The European Museum Forum oftentimes comes as the first to display new approaches to the interpretation and protection of cultural heritage and how museums should be operated prior to being endorsed by both intergovernmental organizations and professionals working in the field.

Smaller museums received supports from the European Museum Forum in the late 70s and 80s. The European Museum Forum viewed these smaller museums as a pivotal player in the change of methodology of operating museums. Another major role the European Museum Forum played came in the 90s. Following the disbandment of the Iron Curtain and after the Cold War ended, the European Museum Forum acted as a medium connecting all museums scattered throughout both Western and Eastern Europe. The collaboration between the European Museum Forum and the Council of Europe started to feel intense and become exceptionally meaningful following this. The European Museum Forum continues on with its work from the 2000s onwards. It seeks to observe and encourage developments in approaching controversial heritage, intangible heritage, and intercultural heritage.

Supports for the European Museum Forum come from the ICOM Endowment Fund. The Forum’s main objectives include overseeing the developments of European museums, providing the best examples of practice, fostering innovation, and finding out how museums can properly serve concerned communities as well as the general population of European society. All activities that the European Museum Forum does are guided by a museum with a powerful vision dedicated to visitors.

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