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One of the Biggest Art Thefts Happened in Germany in 2019

One of the Biggest Art Thefts Happened in Germany in 2019

One of the Biggest Art Thefts Happened in Germany in 2019 – The world was shocked by the news of art theft at the end of 2019. This crime is one of the biggest art thefts in history and the suspects are yet to be identified. More than one item has been stolen and police haven’t been able to locate it.
– Dresden Heist 2019
One of the art thefts in history happened on 25 November 2019 in Dresden, Germany. One of the oldest museums in Germany, the Green Vault, stores lots of valuable items which are decorated with different materials, such as metals, pearls, silver, gold, ivory, and stones, reported that they lost some of their collections at dawn.

The heist was very well-planned because the thieves started by making a small fire to destroy the power box that disabled the security alarms in the museum. The thieves then proceeded to museums and destroyed the displays to steal the items.

– Stolen Items
The stolen items from the museum are a small sword called epee, jewels, diamond hat clasp, and an Order of the White Eagles. The stolen items are all valuable, and the estimated value of the items is more than $1.1 billion. The estimated value makes the heist one of the biggest art thefts in history.

One of the Biggest Art Thefts Happened in Germany in 2019

– Update
The investigation started right away after the thieves escaped the crime scene. From the investigation, the police have known that there are 7 suspects of the heist and 4 security guards are made into suspects because when the crime happened, they did not take any action. In the early 2020, there were speculations that the jewels were sold on the dark web, but the investigators denied the speculations because the jewels are quite famous and if the thieves sell them in the dark web, it would be known directly.

The stolen items from the Green Vault museum were quite shocking because the suspects could steal and could bypass the security easily without getting caught. There are two more suspects that haven’t been identified and the police are still searching for the missing items.

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