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The Awards Presented by European Museum Forum

The Awards Presented by European Museum Forum

An award is intended to appreciate the expected behavior and role to accomplish a certain goal. This is what European Museum Forum has done. Through two awards below, this forum has tried to appreciate those parties who have worked so hard in maintaining the role of museums in European society:

The Kenneth Hudson Award– The Kenneth Hudson Award
This first kind of award that is simultaneously presented by European Museum Forum is called The Kenneth Hudson Award. This award is given by the Board of Trustees of the European Museum Forum. This award is granted to person, project, museum or even a group of people who have performed an outstanding, controversial, unusual, and daring achievement.

What kind of achievement is being noticed in this case? It is the achievement in challenging the most common perceptions about the role of museums for people in society. This award also takes a concern on the parties that are able to carry forward the Kenneth Hudson’s spirit.

This award is annually granted. The Board of Trustees work very hard every year in identifying which parties deserving this award. There must be a set of criteria that has been decided in finding the deserving parties. Some parties that have received this award are Red Crescent Museum in Geneva, Switzerland and also the International Red Cross of Geneva, Switzerland. Those two institutions were granted with The Kenneth Hudson Award in 2015.

The Silleto Prize– The Silleto Prize
The second and the last award of European Museum Forum is The Silleto Prize. This award was firstly introduced in the year 0f 2011. This Silleto Prize focuses on those parties who could perform best community involvement in museums in Europe. Also, this award is granted to those parties who have best voluntary act to museums in Europe.

This award is also an annual award. A set of criteria to choose the rightful parties has been decided. One of the parties that has been awarded with The Silleto Prize is the Familistere from Guise, France. This institution was granted with The Silleto Prize in 2015 due to its high contribution to the running of museums in Europe.

Apart from its activities in taking care of museums in Europe, European Museum Forum doesn’t forget the importance of awards for society. The awards above are surely able to boost the participation and involvement of many parties in working on the existence and the role of museums in Europe.