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The Europe Museum, One of the Best Places to Get More Knowledge

The Europe Museum, One of the Best Places to Get More Knowledge

The Europe Museum, One of the Best Places to Get More Knowledge – Europe is widely known as one of the best continents to learn about history, culture, science, arts, and others. One of the best places to learn all of those things is the museum. Well, Europe provides a lot of museums that attract people from all around the world. The great museums are separated in several countries such as Spain, France, UK, German, Turkey, and others. Each museum provides specific items. It’s a great place to get any knowledge.

The British Museum is one of the most popular museums in London. This museum is located in Bloomsbury, London. Well, this museum shows about 8 million items that consist of human art, history, and culture. The British Museum has been opened since 1759. For the people who want to see the art, history, and collection from some old civilizations, they can go to this museum. They will find the items of the 140 mummies and their coffins from the Egyptians. This museum also displays the antique items from Greek and Roman such as Parthenon’s sculptures, jewelry, mosaics, vases, and others. London also provides another great museum that is the National Gallery. This museum is located in Trafalgar Square in Central London. This museum has been opened since 1824. It’s an art museum that shows more than 2.300 painting of the great painters. The paintings are dominated by paintings from the middle of the 13th century to 1900. Another art museum, located in London, is Tate Modern. This art museum displays modern art from all over the world. It also has many collections of modern and contemporary art from the British. In addition, people can visit the permanent exhibition of the Tate Modern for free.

Madrid also provides the best museums especially the art museum. One of the must-visit museums in the Prado Museum. It has more than 2.300 paintings as the main collections. In addition, there are many sculptures, drawings, prints, and other artworks in this museum. These collections have been gained from purchases, bequest, and even donations. Russia also has a big museum of art and culture that is the State Hermitage Museum. It is located in St. Petersburg, Russia. This museum has been opened since 1852. It has more than 3 million items. It makes this museum as the world’s second-largest museum, especially in art and culture. After you visit museum , you also don’t forget to have fun going to theme park and some great casino on europe that offer games like that have many attractive games.

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